Multi-Function Button Box

Help! All my controls have gone crazy in DCS

Don’t worry. This is normal when you plug in a new peripheral. To prevent this, be sure to clear all pre-assigned buttons and axis for the Multi-Function Button Box.

To do so just find the Total Controls MFBB in the control settings. Click the small arrow and choose “Clear category”. Be sure to do this for both axis and buttons of each module that you wish to assign.

There are so many buttons! Can you help me?

Sure we can! Below are general presets for F/A-18C Hornet, F-16C Viper, A-10C Warthog and F-14B Tomcat. Download and un-zip the file. Then load the profiles into each module by clicking the Total Controls MFBB in control settings and choose “Load profile”.

Total Controls MFBB Profiles

Note! Some buttons, like the gear, hook, CRS, HDG might be reversed from the profile. If they are you’ll have to manually switch them.

I can not seem to fit the data rocker switch to the button box

It fits. Just push it really hard. Don’t worry, you probably won’t break the device.

Is it a button box or a Christmas three? The lights never turn off!

We are aware of this. This is due to hardware design. As long as the USB port supplies power the Multi-Function Button Box will stay lit. If the box is connected directly to your computer you can change this setting in the BIOS.

Here is a guide for ASUS motherboards.

Here is a video on how to do it on a Gigabyte motherboard.

My game won't recognize more than 32 buttons. Can this be fixed?

Most modern games can handle up to 256 buttons, but older games, like MSFX, have a limitation of 32 buttons. Since the Multi-Function Button Box has 44 we have to split it up into two devices. This is one way to do it:


1. Download and install vJoy

Download vJoy here and install it. You’ll now have a new, virtual joystick in Windows.


2. Setup the new virtual joystick.

Since we need 12 more buttons we have to configure the virtual joystick.

Open vJoyConf and set it as below. Un-check all Axes and set Number of Buttons to 12.

Click Apply (this may take some time) and then restart your computer.

You will now have a virtual device with 12 buttons.


3. Download and install UCR

Download Universal Control Remapper UCR from Github. Download UCR_v0.9.0.zip.

Unzip the file to any location.


4. Run and set up UCR

  1. Run UCR.exe.
  2. Click add profile and name it.
  3. Check Total Controls MFBB under Input Devices and click your vJoy joystick under Output Devices.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Scroll down to Button to Button and click +.
  6. Name your configuration.
  7. Chose which button on the Multi-Function Button Box you want to reassign. Begin with button 33. (Click the three dots.)
  8. Choose output button 1 on the vJoy device.
  9. Click + besides Button to Button again in the left menu to create a new binding. Repeat for all 12 buttons.
  10. Click the play button to start your profile.
  11. All 12 buttons should now be reassigned to the virtual device and you can assign them in game.

Make sure that UCR is running with your profile whenever you play your game.

Do you have any other question that you want answered? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form here or send an email to [email protected]