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The Ejection Handle from Total Controls takes your sim experience to the next level. The full metal construction and silicone grip makes it a durable friend in need.

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The Ejection Handle from Total Controls takes your sim experience to the next level. One pull on the cord and your out of any trouble.

The unit is made out of durable aluminium and is designed to fit most aluminium profiles. Can also be bolted to a base or board in your sim pit.

The silicone handle provides a firm and yet comfortable grip and the spring loaded mechanism makes it return to the original position after it has been pulled.  The chord is firm and can be bent into suitable position. One pull gives three inputs in DCS World, meaning you only have to pull the chord once to eject.

The unit is also equipped with a guarded toggle switch that can be used for ejection seat arming and a three way switch. (Momentary-off-momentary).

The Eject Handle consists of:

  • Full metal construction
  • Silicone pull handle with steel core
  • One 2-way toggle switch with guard
  • One 3-way switch (Momentary-off-momentary)
  • Base size 125x40 mm
  • Connects via USB
  • 2 years warranty

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

1 review for Ejection Handle

  1. Daniel Massey (verified owner)

    Did I need this? Nope…

    Did I want this? You absolutely know I did. Some years ago I had a 3d printed ejection handle that I loved. Stupidly I sold it. I pre-ordered the Total Controls Ejection Handle the moment it was released.

    Today the item arrived, well packaged with high density foam protection.

    This is a solid piece of kit! All metal construction, great dimensions, heavy weight and with quality feel and quality switchgear.

    I attached the handle to my Virpil stick, plugged in and fired up DCS.

    The Total Controls Ejection Handle is found immediately by Windows and drivers automatically download. DCS sees it immediately, and as soon as it’s mapped to the relevant commands this works perfectly first time!

    The covered switch is great for mapping the seat arm switch to, the momentary rocker switch I have mapped to the seat controls to raise and lower.

    The handle itself is robust, and sends a burst of three signals to DCS so it simply requires a single pull to eject. I was excited to see that Total Controls were making the ejection handle and I am not disappointed with the superb quality and performance of this product.

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