Multi-Function Button Box

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The Multi-Function Button Box from Total Controls.

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The Multi-Function Button Box from Total Controls gives you a clear advantage in the skies.

Designed with VR in mind it reduces the need for mouse inputs in games such as DCS World. Featuring the most used functions from the F/A-18C Hornet Up Front Controller and the characteristic Data Control Switch from the F-16C Viper the Multi-Function Button Box lets you focus on flying. It also features gear- and hook-handle, jettison button, seven light knobs, two rotary encoders with push function for the radios and two misc buttons that can be programmed to do whatever you like!

  • All metal construction
  • Size 27.2 x 15.3 x 4.5 cm. (Same as Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle)
  • Weight 2 kg
  • 40 programmable buttons and switches
  • Gear- and hook-handle
  • Jettison button
  • Seven light knobs
  • Two rotary encoders with push function for the radios
  • 1 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34.5 × 25.6 × 13 cm

4 reviews for Multi-Function Button Box

  1. Håkan Jarnvall (verified owner)

    First impressions, beautiful finish and a very nice tactile feedback in the buttons. No way to miss a input.
    Nice feel to the potentiometers as well with just the right amount of force needed to turn them.
    The layout is perfect for VR, easy to find and identify with headset on.
    The footprint is (not measured exactly) as the Warthog throttle as far as I can determine.
    Lighting is the same green colour aswell, perhaps a bit brighter and not adjustable.

    One heads up! In windows game controller program all buttons (33 an up to 44) wont show but they work just fine in DCS. Got me confused for a while before I started DCS and tested the controller there.

    A superb product and I’m very pleased with it.

  2. Michael P A McCabe (verified owner)

    I’ve never reviewed a product before, well not officially and not any of my Flight Sim peripherals (and I have many) but here goes.
    On arrival i was pleased to see it looked the complete compliment to my TM Warthog HOTAS, same style and colouring although with more of a matt finish. It felt solid and ‘built for hours and hours of use’ and all the buttons switches and dials worked with a pleasant/reassuring feel to them. The RTN/SEQ stick takes a bit of force to get it on, but I got it on and it hasn’t affected functionality in any way – so please note…it does fit!
    There is a bit of play in the hook and gear levers – but this is to be accepted as they are designed to be moving parts. Win 10 only identifies 32 of the 44 buttons which at first caused a bit of alarm. I WAS going to work on that and post a solution up on Discord, however I didn’t have to …JackFlash (Developer from the TotalControls I think???) beat me to it. By following his step by step guide even I – a Tech noob was able to get all 44 buttons identified and fully operational in no time …cheers JackFlash…
    Using the mfbb is a delight, position-wise I have settled for a temporary place alongside my throttle and it looks fantastic. The black and neon green really are striking and it now remains for me to bind the keys in my Sim to get the best out of the Box. All in all I am absolutely delighted with the Box, if, and I think he does JackFlash IS part of the Production, then their after sales is also very good, he has helped me get all 44 buttons indentified and available for use in any Sim I choose.
    Marks out of 10?? Difficult to put it down really simply because I have hardly used it yet..more expert eyes than mine will nit pick small faults or areas that may or may not be improved upon…but from me..right now…a RESOUNDING 10 out of 10! It’s awesome (quoting my sons) and I for one have no doubt it will last for years…bravo TotalControls

  3. Kai Bremen (verified owner)

    Box arrived and after a few hours using I have to comment (using for Il2 Sturmovik BoX):
    -Very solid hardware.
    -Plug and play, nothing to do with installation.
    -give me so many options. Large number of axis allow me to set cooling shutters, trims, revi/scope adjustments.
    -a lot of buttons for everything, lights, commands, set gunner positions possible. When the new fuel system comes I am confident can handle it.
    -two safety switches for sensitive things… gearsHook as it named for or ejection seat… up to you…

    So in combination with my already used hardware throttle/stick more than an complement.
    thumbs up for this high-quality device!

  4. Jorge Gutiérrez-Barquin (verified owner)

    Por fin me llegó después de 3 meses y estoy muy contento con la calidad del producto. Muy buena construcción en metal, lo utilizo para DCS en VR y es perfecto. He mirado michos UFC de otras compañias y este es el mejor de todos por su calidad y precio. Lo recomiendo 100%. La instalacion es muy facil y despues lo configuras a tu gusto. Muchas gracias por todo.

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